Canticum Novum – Aasheyani (2015)

Artist: Canticum Novum
Title Of Album: Aasheyani
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Ambronay / AMY043
Genre: Classical
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Total Time: 75:31 min
Total Size: 173 MB

01. ALFONSO X el Sabio. CSM 166. Como poden per sas culpas os omes seer contreitos
02. Dimitri CANTEMIR. Rast nakis beste (empire ottoman)
03. Morenica (trad., romance sefarade, Turquie)
04. Khaled ARMAN. Dar Damane Shara (Afghanistan)
05. Sareri hovin mernem (trad., inspiration de la tradition armenienne)

06. Dimitri CANTEMIR. Der makam-l ‘Uzzal Sakil Turna’
(Music in usules mode and devr-i kebir rhythm, empire ottoman)

07. Nor Tsarik (trad., Armenie)
08. Begun benim efkarim var (trad., Turquie)

09. La comida de la mañana & Khan delawar khan
(trad., romance sefarade, Turquie – Khaled ARMAN. Afghanistan)

10. Durme, hermoza donzella (trad. lullaby, romance sefarade, Rhodes, balkans)
11. Khaled ARMAN. Saqi ba khoda (Iran)
12. Sirto (trad., Turquie)
13. ALFONSO X el Sabio. CSM 383. O ffondo do mar tan chæo faz come a terra dura

Under the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottoman Empire was at the height of its power and influence. Its army was feared throughout Europe and the splendor of Istanbul amazed the western world. For Suleiman, the »Sublime Porte» was not only a privileged strategic position for trade or war but a place to gather the cultures of East and West. The music on Canticum Novum’s album Aashenayi (Meeting) reflects this cultural blending. Echoes of Persia, Turkey and Europe mingle and many musical traditions combine to create a common expression.

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