Aphotic Apathy – The Nostromo (2015)

Artist: Aphotic Apathy
Album: The Nostromo
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Self
Genre: Ambient
Quality: 320 kbps
Format: MP3
Total Time: 00:51:43
Total Size: 119 mb

01. Awaken
02. Mother
03. Signal
04. LV-426
05. Derelict
06. Exploration
07. Space Jockey
08. Cargo
09. Eggs
10. Host
11. Nostromo
12. Narcissus

The crew of The Nostromo consists of seven people from various fields. They include Captain Dallas, Warrant Officer Ripley, Navigator Lambert, Engineering Technician Brett, Executive Officer Kane, Science Officer Ash, and Chief Engineer Parker. All awoken by «Mother» the computer mainframe that served aboard The Nostromo. Mother also operated many of the ship’s background systems, and auto-piloted the vessel while the crew were in hypersleep.

Before the crew awoke Mother partially decoded a unidentified warning signal that started emanating from LV-426, Mother awoke the crew from hypersleep to investigate and hopefully recover a potential parasitoid specimen from a derelict ship located on the moon.. Unbeknownst to the crew.. except one member Science Officer Ash who was given a classified retrieval order by Weyland-Yutani, Special Order 937: Which ensured the retrieval and survival of a sample specimen of the species located on LV-426, and stipulated that this task superseded all other priorities, even the safety and survival of the crew.

This album will take you through a Dark Ambiance of the events that occurred pertaining to the crew of The USCSS Nostromo and what they discovered and recovered back to The Nostromo leading to it’s untimely destruction.


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