Faith No More – The Platinum Collection (2005)

Alternative, Heavy Metal
MP3 CBR 320 Kbps / Warner, 5101-11734-2 | 196 Mb | Scans Included

01. From Out Of Nowhere (3:24)
02. Epic (4:54)
03. Falling To Pieces (5:12)
04. Midlife Crisis (4:20)
05. A Small Victory (4:56)
06. Evidence (4:55)
07. Last Cup Of Sorrow (4:17)
08. Ricochet (4:30)
09. Caffeine (4:28)
10. Everything’s Ruined (4:34)
11. Kindergarten (4:31)
12. Underwater Love (3:52)
13. She Loves Me Not (3:31)
14. Anne’s Song (4:39)
15. We Care A Lot (Live) (3:55)
16. Edge Of The World (4:13)
17. Easy (3:09)
18. I Started A Joke (3:01)

This platinum collection offering of Faith No More’s finest moments finally does what other greatest-hits collections have failed to do for the band thus far: present a comprehensive overview to the band from start to finish, including some of their lesser known and weaker albums. Of course the big hits from MTV and radio airplay are presented right in a row in the beginning, and from that moment on it’s a collection of fan favorites that fills out the disc, including two of their best cover versions, the Commodores’ «Easy» and the Bee Gees’ «I Started a Joke.» Easily the best representation of a band that was years ahead of its time.

by Rob Theakston, AMG

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