Cherry Choke – Raising The Waters (2015)

Artist: Cherry Choke
Album: Raising The Waters
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Self
Genre: Hard Rock, Stoner Rock, Retro Rock
Quality: 320 kbps
Format: MP3
Total Time: 00:45:34
Total Size: 106 mb

01. Rage On – 07:14
02. Mindbreaker – 04:51
03. Black Annis – 03:12
04. Used To Call You Friend – 03:50
05. Hypnotize Me – 02:01
06. Where The Sun Rises – 05:12
07. 6ix & 7even – 07:26
08. My Mind To Lose – 04:59
09. Discarded Hearts – 05:11
10. Where the Drums Set (bonus track) – 01:33

This is Cherry Choke’s third album and I think it to be their best, although I surely recommend all the Leicester trio’s output thus far. This music is not the popular riff rock, stoner-doom album that is making everyone’s Top 10 list nowadays. This is more complex–or more mature, if you’ll accept that. Let’s start with what the band says itself. First of all, they are calling this an “acid rock opera.” Acid rock it is! An opera? Well, it is certainly complex and deep. Secondly, they say “think of Blue Cheer fighting it out with the Black Keys as Jimi Hendrix looks on from the bar.” What? You ask who Blue Cheer are? Dude, they are the roots of every song you hold dear to your heart. Cherry Choke blend perfectly those early acid rock roots with a more contemporary stoner rock vibe. The roots win out in this release.

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