Axel Rudi Pell – Magic Moments: 25th Anniversary Special Show [3CD] (2015)

Hard Rock, Heavy Metal | Steamhammer/SPV #SPV 267890
3CD | MP3 CBR 320 kbps / 462 Mb
Covers Included (JPG, 300 dpi)

01. Call Her Princess [03:37]
02. Night After Night [06:44]
03. Rockin’The City [04:34]
04. Undercover Animal [05:25]
05. Nasty Reputation [05:45]
06. Warrior [06:20]
07. Fool Fool [06:35]

01. Burning Chains [07:11]
02. Strong As A Rock [09:03]
03. Long Way To Go [05:23]
04. Hey Hey My My [09:18]
05. Mystica [09:47]
06. Into The Storm [12:10]
07. Too Late / Eternal Prisoner / Too Late [11:20]
08. The Masquerade Ball / Casbah [09:46]
09. Rock The Nation [05:49]

01. Drum Battle [10:23]
02. Black Night [07:34]
03. Sympathy [07:36]
04. Tush [03:54]
05. Mistreated [14:13]
06. Since You Been Gone [04:43]
07. Long Live Rock .n` Roll [08:18]
08. Smoke On The Water [08:18]

Not too long ago (a year or so) and while Axel Rudi Pell, was touring in support of his latest opus “Into the Storm”, the “25th Anniversary” of his came up and with it, the idea to celebrate the proceedings in a special way, so the stage was set, for a live performance at that years installation of “Bang Your Head” festival in Balingen/Germany, that was special and memorable for a variety of reasons. For the first time in absolutely ages, Axel, did perform a short four song set with his original band Steeler (not to be confused with the Ron Keel led American “Steeler” which also featured guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen) then a set that utilized as many of the studio singers as possible, was performed, with them, singing their “own” era’s material and finally a bunch of classic rock tracks were performed by the band enlisting the aid of some special guests/friends. All in all the whole show lasted for almost three hours and celebrated the long history of ARP, in the best way imaginable!

So a year later “Magic Moments – 25th Anniversary Special Show” arrives on the ridiculous 3 CD, 3 DVD or single BluRay configurations, choke full of that show, plus various rehearsal footage. Axel & his buddies were quite lucky, since the weather report had predicted a storm coming that actually did not manifest, until almost the end of the three hour tenure, of the various forms of the ARP band and friends, on stage… and since the rain began pouring during the last song of his regular set, the Rainbow classic “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll”, promoter Horst E. Franz speculated “That was Ronnie James Dio crying from above”…

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