Hawksley Workman – Old Cheetah (2015)

Cabaret, Pop Rock, Glam Rock | Six Shooter Records, Inc.
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2015 | 00:54:03 | 123 Mb

01. Hawksley Workman – Intro (That’s Hot)
02. Hawksley Workman – Make Up Your Mind Tonight
03. Hawksley Workman – Teenage Cats
04. Hawksley Workman – 1000 Mile Of Atmosphere
05. Hawksley Workman – Don’t Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia)
06. Hawksley Workman – Not Over You
07. Hawksley Workman – We’re Not Broken Yet
08. Hawksley Workman – I Just So Happen To Believe
09. Hawksley Workman – It’s Really Starting To Snow
10. Hawksley Workman – Small Town Dracula
11. Hawksley Workman – Winter Bird
12. Hawksley Workman – A Special Pride

The 12-song effort is theatrical and ambitious. Workman’s signature eclecticism shines brightly on songs like “1000 Miles of Atmosphere,” a nine-and-a-half-minute prog epic that’s stuffed with syncopated rhythms, star-dazzled synth twinkles and unpredictable sonic shifts. Although not every song is quite that wildly sprawling, Workman never goes on autopilot and proves that even an old cheetah can learn new tricks. The style range from the falsetto-flecked soul of “Teenage Cats” to the piano-driven space-rock anthem “We’re Not Broken Yet,” to the salt-of-the-earth folk of “It’s Really Starting to Snow” and the cabaret psych of “Small Town Dracula.”


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