Judas Priest – ’98 Live Meltdown [2CD] (1998)

Flac, Cue, Log, Covers | Hard Rock | 123 min | 2 CD
Steamhammer SPV 089-18542 CD | 1050 MB

CD1 (61:44)
01. The Hellion (1:09)
02. Electric Eye (3:47)
03. Metal Gods (4:09)
04. Grinder (4:26)
05. Rapid Fire (4:24)
06. Blood Stained (5:09)
07. The Sentinel (5:47)
08. Touch Of Evil (5:51)
09. Burn In Hell (5:35)
10. The Ripper (3:52)
11. Bullet Train (5:59)
12. Beyond The Realms Of Death (7:14)
13. Death Row (4:23)

CD2 (61:59)
01. Metal Meltdown (5:03)
02. Night Crawler (6:11)
03. Abductors (5:55)
04. Victim Of Changes (8:32)
05. Diamonds & Rust (3:55)
06. Breaking The Law (2:36)
07. The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown) (4:53)
08. Painkiller (6:29)
09. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming (8:35)
10. Hell Bent For Leather (3:49)
11. Living After Midnight (6:02)

Many doubted that Judas Priest would find a vocalist to capably fill the shoes of legendary frontman Rob Halford. With Ripper Owens, the band found not only a Priest fanatic, but a talented screamer in his own right. Proving that his studio performance on Jugulator was no hoax, Owens displays performing talents on this vigorous double-live album.
For concert album cynics, heed this: half of these 23 tunes have not been performed on the two previous Priest live discs, and Owens really belts out those screams with greater accuracy than Halford was able to summon in his last few years in the band. The metal legends unleash the long-lost pre-speed-metal classic «Rapid Fire»; they play an inspired acoustic version of «Diamonds & Rust» that’s closer to Joan Baez’s original than Priest’s 1977 cover; and they dig up two previously unperformed Jugulator songs. Most of what’s heard here rates from very good to excellent, though one wishes that «Burn in Hell» wasn’t abbreviated and that «Dreamer Deceiver» wasn’t excluded; and a few of the mixes could be cleaner. Still, this very live-sounding record (complete with essential raucous audience participation) captures the potent force of a Judas Priest concert performance. –Bryan Reesman





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