Andrea Bocelli – Amor (2006)

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01. Bésame mucho
02. Canción desafinada – featuring Stevie Wonder
03. Solamente una vez
04. Somos novios (It’s Impossible) – duet with Christina Aguilera
05. Júrame – featuring Mario Reyes
06. Pero te extraño
07. Las hojas muertas (Autumn Leaves)
08. Momentos
09. Me faltas – featuring Kenny G
10. Cuando me enamoro (Quando m’innamoro)
11. Porque tu me acostumbraste
12. Amapola
13. Verano – featuring Chris Botti
14. Nuestro encuentro (Sentado à Beira do Caminho)

Even as «the fourth tenor» has become one of the world’s most popular and renowned classical and operatic singers, Andrea Bocelli has been teasing pop fans over the years by recording brilliant duets with the likes of Celine Dion and Sarah Brightman. Who better to helm the Tuscan-born vocal giant’s first pure pop album than David Foster, who has made foreign language singing all the rage by introducing the world to Josh Groban? Amore features songs from various musical eras, from the 1920s through the ’80s, which Bocelli sings in his native Italian, Spanish, and French. He launches the collection with beautiful Spanish on the tender, soaring ballad «Amapola» and a graceful «Besame Mucho» before introducing his facility for French with the lush, film score-like «Les Feuilles Mortes,» which becomes «Autumn Leaves.» Foster then unleashes a successful Santana-styled duet approach on the singer, pairing him with Kenny G («Mi Manchi»), a delightfully torchy Christina Aguilera (on «Somos Novios,» which became «It’s Impossible») and Stevie Wonder (who adds vocals and harmonica to «Canzoni Stonate»). Purists may balk at such tandems, but pop fans will be enchanted, and Foster handles the productions of these tracks with admirable restraint. Though he covers artists ranging from Edith Piaf to Luis Miguel and Frank Sinatra, the most engaging reworking is a sweet take on «Can’t Help Falling in Love,» which was recorded live at Lake Las Vegas. In typical Foster’s tug-the-heartstrings fashion, the disc closes with Italian and English versions of the inspirational ballad «Because We Believe,» but for the most part, this magical effort fully realizes its aim to become a trendsetter for romantic pop in the 2000s.

by Jonathan Widran, AMG

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