Marco Mestichella – Troubled Water (2015)

Pop , Electronic | Independent
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2015 | 00:50:49 | 128 Mb

01. Marco Mestichella – Vola Via (05:28)
02. Marco Mestichella – Troubled Water (03:40)
03. Marco Mestichella & Max Bottini – Treason (Max Bottini From Gabin ’12/8 Brooklyn’ Version) [feat. Turan] (05:28)
04. Marco Mestichella – ExplicitSavvy Stomper (Extended Mix) (06:05)
05. Marco Mestichella – When the Sun Goes Down (03:42)
06. Marco Mestichella & Annette Exner – I Should Have Stayed Home Tonight (Annette Exner Rework) (04:47)
07. Marco Mestichella & Arbus Paik – Troubled Water (Arbus Paik Remix) (06:33)
08. Marco Mestichella & La Rochelle Band – I Should Have Stayed Home Tonight (La Rochelle Band Remix) (03:42)
09. Marco Mestichella, Nick & Danny Chatelain – New Sensation (Nick & Danny Chatelain ‘Deep’ Remix) (05:23)
10. Marco Mestichella & Sam Ewens – Fragments of Light (Sam Ewens Remix) (05:55)

Marco Mestichella is everyone’s favourite, trippy Italian on Clowdy. We reviewed him not so long ago in our Spotlight section which you can read here. Now we’re here to talk about the exciting release of his latest album, ‘Troubled Water’, out this month. Troubled Water is a 10 track album written and arranged by Marco with help from his producer Joe Rodwell and additional production/mixing credits going to Max Bottini from Gabin, Arbus Paik, Mariano La Torre, Annette Exner, Nick & Danny Chatelain, Sam Ewens and Peter Creuser.

The album opens beautifully with the shimmering and spacey electronics of Vola Via. A great introduction to the vocal style of Marco as well as some building tension on the strings until everything gets cut halfway through the song and a more orchestral and rising sound takes its place. There’s plenty of experimental hooks in his tracks which define his music along with a captivating vocal style often compared to the likes of Beth Gibbons from Portishead. Having said all that, his title track, ‘Troubled Water’ has a different sound to his usual

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