V.A. Warehouse Anthems: Hardstyle, Vol. 15 (2015)

Techno, Hardcore | LW Recordings
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2015 | 02:07:22 | 291 Mb

01. Musical Wildness – Wildness (Original Mix)
02. Cgk – The Gift (Original Mix)
03. Trax – The Hardest Bass Around (Original Mix)
04. Leg3ndz – The Forces Of Evil (Original Mix)
05. Snkz – Fight! 2.0 (Extended Mix)
06. Zatox – Back In The Days (Original Mix)
07. G-Member – Moonflight (Original Mix)
08. Dokserz – Heartbeats (Original Mix)
09. Hypix – Upset (Original Mix)
10. Serotoxin – Transcending (Raider Radio Blend)
11. Leg3ndz – A New Breed Of Gangsta (Original Mix)
12. Yhimself – Heaven & Hell (Original Mix)
13. Audity – Hardstyle Is Alive (Original Mix)
14. Juized – Everybody Rise (Original Mix)
15. Drone – Level 2 (Original Mix)
16. Tha Audience – The Subconscious Mind (Neutrophic Remix)
17. J.K – Ready To Go (Original Mix)
18. Braintweakerz – Sadness (Original Mix)
19. Drone – Barracuda (Original Mix)
20. Ukrainian Hardstylerz – Shine (Original Mix)
21. Toxic – Distorted Dreams (Original Mix)
22. Tranz-Linquants – Walk Alone (Original Mix)
23. Unresolved – Perversity (Original Mix)
24. Climax – Lick It (Original Mix)
25. Nutty T – Demon Of Hardstyle (Ruff Rework)

This is Dokserz’ experimental downtempo track «Heartbeats». Not the kind of hardstyle we’re used to listen, so stay open minded! To all the Producers out there: We have made some changes in the way we handle Demos and Track Submissions. Stefano Persia (aka Drone) is an Italian hardstyle producer and DJ. Born and raised in Rome, Stefano has closely followed the hardstyle scene with a keen interest, aspiring to become a DJ and producer himself. With a dream of sharing his own vision of music with the world, he set out in the world of music production to learn as much as possible. Trying to establish a new genre – Power Hardstyle; Since the moniker «nustyle» is unlikely to disappear and will forever be called hardstyle.


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