10 Years – From Birth To Burial (2015)

Rock, Alternative Metal, Post-Grunge
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01 – From Birth To Burial
02 – Selling Skeletons
03 – Vertigo
04 – Triggers and Tripwires
05 – Luna
06 – Crimson Kiss
07 – The River
08 – Ashes
09 – Survivors
10 – Miscellanea
11 – Moisture Residue

Knoxville, Tennessee rockers 10 YEARS will release their new studio album, «From Birth To Burial», on April 21. The band says of the forthcoming disc: «On this record, we tried to balance the raw excitement and energy we has as a young band with the age and wisdom we gained over the past 15 years or writing, performing and touring together.»

10 Years have reached a level in their career where they can do pretty much whatever they want to a certain degree. A lot of that has to do with the respect they’ve earned from their fans and critics. Another big part of that was the formation of their own label- Palehorse Records.

In 2012, they released Minus The Machine as the debut record on Palehorse, marking the start of a new chapter, era and a new beginning for the band.

Enter 2015 and they’re ready to unleash the follow up upon the public in the form of From Birth To Burial, which continues where Minus The Machine left off and it definitely doesn’t disappoint in the least bit.

From the onset of the title track- which also opens the record- it’s clear 10 Years have found a sound that fits them and a sound that works because it doesn’t take long to figure out who you’re listening to.

From Birth To Burial marks the first record without longtime bassist Lewis Cosby but the band doesn’t skip a beat on this record and manage to fill the gap with perfection. Musically, this one is right on par with some of their earlier stuff like The Autumn Effect and has the signature 10 Years sounds and vibes.

Frontman Jesse Hasek hasn’t missed a beat with his songwriting and the album is one of the most lyrically-sound records the band has written while Ryan “Tater” Johnson and Brian Vodinh round out the rest of the record with flawless execution.

There’s shades of Radiohead, Deftones and classic 10 Years on the record and they’ve channeled themselves perfectly on From Birth To Burial, which is a very symbolic album title.

There’s absolutely no filler on this record and every song is a potential single. Whether it be “Selling Skeletons,” “Crimson Kiss,” “Miscellanea,” “Triggers and Tripwires” or any of the 11 songs on the record, this is 10 Years at their absolute best and is a record that longtime fans and newer fans alike will find something to love about.


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