V.A. 50 Future Tracks (2015)

Uplifting Trance | Bambu Records
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2015 | 02:58:54 | 380 Mb

01. Dreamy – Velvet (Radio Edit)
02. Mosahar – What If (Radio Edit)
03. Fallen Skies & Pluton – At Dawn (Radio Edit)
04. Aeden – No Time (Radio Edit)
05. Lakes – Predator (Radio Edit)
06. Tranc Eye – Drone (Radio Edit)
07. Dmitry Zaharov & Ange – Higher Than Love (Radio Mix)
08. Vanity In Mind – Go Get Alice (Radio Edit)
09. Rene Ablaze – Fast Life (Radio Mix)
10. Dereck Recay – Nebula (4 Strings Radio Edit)
11. Dirkie Coetzee & Ludgy – Two Worlds Collide (Fallen Skies Remix Edit)
12. Outwalkers – Breath Of Love (Radio Mix)
13. Nivaya – My Empirical Epitaph (Photographer Remix Edit)
14. Javah Feat. Xan – Hallowed Ground (Fallen Skies Radio Mix)
15. Arshia Alipour Feat. Juliet Lyons – 2 Minutes To The Night (Radio Edit)
16. J.A.E. – Endless (Radio Edit)
17. T Forces – Outside Of Life (Radio Edit)
18. Mike Van Fabio – Otherworld (Tom8 Radio Mix)
19. Melodic Culture – Rise Of Maya (Radio Cut)
20. Philip Mayer Vs. Ronald De Foe – Okobogee (Radio Edit)
21. J.A.E. – Venom (Radio Edit)
22. Bluesolar – Believe In Me (Radio Edit)
23. Alexander Xendzov Feat. Julie-Anne Melfi – Set You Free (Radio Mix)
24. Rene Ablaze & Jam Da Bass – We Love Trance (Festival Anthem Edit)
25. Damian Wasse – Rush All Roads (Radio Edit)
26. Pawel Meller – Africa (Radio Edit)
27. J.A.E. – Forever (Radio Edit)
28. Arctic Motion – Sky Hunter (Radio Edit)
29. Rene Ablaze Meets Oen Bearen & Pillow – In Two At More Ease (Radio Edit)
30. Rene Ablaze & Jack Noise – The Moon (Purple Stories Radio Edit)
31. Dereck Recay – Nebula (Radio Mix)
32. Enlightment – First Impression (Radio Edit)
33. Artra & Holland – Save Me (Radio Edit)
34. Rene Ablaze & Jack Noise – Sunset (Purple Stories Radio Edit)
35. Javah Feat. Xan – Vice Of Life (4 Strings Radio Edit)
36. Oen Bearen – Effra (Radio Mix)
37. Vlegel & Vincent De Jager – The Broken Glass (Radio Edit)
38. Dave Downing – Necromonicon (Radio Edit)
39. Rene Ablaze & Dawn – Luxie The Rabbit (Wellenrausch’s Dark Matter Radio Edit)
40. Leolife – Boneshaker (Rene Ablaze Radio Edit)
41. Mike Septima – The Sands (Radio Edit)
42. Make One – Revelation (Radio Edit)
43. Ariams Feat. Arabax – Beatrice (Radio Edit)
44. Raham Hagh Gooyan Feat. Juliet Lyons – Back To Life (The Enlightment Radio Edit)
45. Neil Moore Feat. Christine – Club Culture (Radio Mix)
46. Aura Feat. Danielle Senior – Wearing My Shoes (Radio Edit)
47. Ekstasis Project – Winter Lights (Rene Ablaze Radio Remix)
48. Aleeze – Dark Dark Sun (Tribune Remix Edit)
49. J.A.E. – Thinking Of You (Radio Edit)
50. Frank Dattilo – Heart Scream (Radio Edit)

The last 3 years the producer and DJ Damian Wasse is in high positions in the Russian electronic dance scene. Damian has performed on stage with such artists as: Sander van Doorn, Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold, Super8 & Tab, Marcel Woods, Dash Berlin, Sean Tyas and many other stars who have played in his subsequent career a significant role, since residency labels and ending collaborations that appear in the largest stores in the world and be heard on the biggest radio stations, such as DI.FM and Radio Record. At the same time Damian excellent performing on the stage with a variety of styles, ranging from Dirty House and ending Uplifting Trance sound, thereby obtaining recognition at many major festivals of the country, such as: Armada Night and Open Gate Fest. Tracks and singles always maintained the world’s best artists on the radio and in the world’s largest networks.


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