The Curtis King Band – Steam Train Blues (2015)

Artist: The Curtis King Band
Title Of Album: Steam Train Blues
Year Of Release: 2015
Genre: Blues Rock
Label: Kingsworld Management
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps, 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 78:38
Total Size: 183 MB
Covers: Front

01. Memphis Blues (2:30)
02. My Baby’s So Fine (Feat. Matthew ‘Cadillac’ Cooper) (2:59)
03. Best As I Can (Feat. Erick Swackhammer) (3:38)
04. Take My Hand (A Song Of Hope For The Victims Of Agent Orange) (6:39)
05. Walkin’ Away From You (4:03)
06. Does It Feel Alright (Feat. Matthew ‘Cadillac’ Cooper) (4:19)
07. Steam Train Blues (Feat. John Chee) (4:17)
08. Meet Me In Harlem (Feat. Matthew ‘Cadillac’ Cooper & Clinton Carnegie) (3:28)
09. Panic (Feat. Erick Swackhammer) (2:51)
10. Hey Yeah (Feat. Matthew ‘Cadillac’ Cooper) (4:26)
11. Saigon Shakedown (Feat. Erick Swackhammer) (3:46)
12. Connelsville Station (Song For Mom) (1:31)
13. Here I Come With The Blues (Feat. Matthew ‘Cadillac’ Cooper) (4:38)
14. White Horses (Feat. Erick Swackhammer) (4:09)
15. Mountain Train (2:59)
16. Toast And Jam With The Snake (Feat. Erick Swackhammer & Jake The Snake) (4:25)
17. The Curtis King Band (Feat. Howard Mr. Fingers Rosser) (3:17)
18. Tides Of Sorrow (Feat. Uwe Vogel) (7:05)
19. Freight Train (Feat. Erick Swackhammer) (4:40)
20. Tian Mi Bei Jing (Feat. Matthew ‘Cadillac’ Cooper) (2:47)

Original songs, mostly about trains, played by The Curtis King Band, featuring Matthew «Cadillac» Cooper, Erick Swackhammer, John Chee, Clinton Carnegie, Howard «Mr. Fingers» Rosser, Uwe Vogel, Tran Minh Duc, Ross Polson, and many many other amazing musicians throughout the world.

As all train lovers know, there is something incomparably exciting about getting on a train, seeing the countryside, and listening to the lull of the clickety-clack sounds of the rails. Curtis King has been a train enthusiast since childhood, and as such has ridden trains on all of the 6 train-possessing continents.

Curtis currently operates The Dalat Train Villa & Cafe in the mountain train town of Dalat, Vietnam. He has hiked the old train line that once connected Dalat to the coastal town of Thap Cham (the old junction between the Dalat Line and the main Hanoi to Saigon/HCMC Line), and in the process found abandoned train stations, tunnels and bridges in the jungle along the way. He fervently hopes to be involved in the restoration of this once glorious train line.

With limited space it is near impossible to list everyone that has contributed to this CD musically or supportively. You all know who you are. My heartfelt thanks to you for the opportunity to play music with you and for you. Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me the chance to enter the wonderful world of music. Thanks brother Brad for the early exposure to great music. Thanks Thuy for being my biggest fan. – Curtis King

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