V.A. Chinese Chill Out (2015)

Downtempo, Chillout, Lounge | X5 Music
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2015 | 01:37:48 | 226,88 Mb

01. Silk String Quartet – Three and Six
02. Ensemble – Gesang Auf Den Fischerbooten in Der Abenddammerung (Singing on the Fisher Boats at Dusk)
03. Ensemble – The High Moon
04. Pingxin Xu – Raindrops Beating on Banana Leaves
05. Silk String Quartet – In that Remote Place
06. Xiang-ting Li – Wild Geese Descending On The Sandy Beach
07. Ensemble – A Journey to Suzhou
08. Yu Cheng – White Snow In Sunny Spring
09. Silk String Quartet – Autumn Moon Over the Still Lake
10. Linna Gong – Molihua
11. Ensemble – Blumen im Mondlicht in einer Fruhlingsnacht auf dem Fluss (Flowers in the Moonlight in a Spring Night on the River)
12. Linna Gong – Yang Liu Qing
13. Ensemble – Uberall Hinterhalte Auslegen (Ambush at All Sides)
14. Dacan Chen – Er Quan Ying Yue (Spring Water Reflects the Moon)
15. Ensemble – Eine Reise nach Suzhou (A Journey to Suzhou)
16. Zhou Yu Ensemble – Song of the Heart
17. Ensemble – Tanzlied Der Yi-Nationalitat (Dance Song of the Yi-Nationals)
18. Pingxin Xu – Crescent Moon In Deep Night
19. Ensemble – Vogelstimmen In Den Hohen Bergen (Twittering Birds on the High Mountains)

The label X5 Music is its collection with the following artists: Dacan Chen, Ensemble, Linna Gong, Pingxin Xu, Silk String Quartet, Xiang-ting Li, Yu Cheng, Zhou Yu Ensemble, and more… Listen online now and download music! Album in the genre of Downtempo, Chillout, Lounge.


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