Manowar – Thunder In The Sky From The Asgard Saga [2CD] (2009)

Artist: Manowar
Title Of Album: Thunder In The Sky From The Asgard Saga
Year Of Release: 2009
Label: Megaforce
Genre: Heavy Metal
Format: Mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Total Time: 84:25 Min
Total Size: 203 Mb

Disc: 1
1. Thunder In The Sky
2. Let The Gods Decide
3. Father
4. Die With Honor
5. The Crown And The Ring (Metal Version)
6. God Or Man

Disc: 2
1. Tatko (Father – Bulgarian Version)
2. Otac (Father – Croatian Version)
3. Isä (Father – Finnish Version)
4. Mon Père (Father – French Version)
5. Vater (Father – German Version)
6. (Father – Greek Version)
7. Apa (Father – Hungarian Version)
8. Padre (Father – Italian Version)
9. (Father – Japanese Version)
10. Far (Father – Norwegian Version)
11. Ojciec (Father – Polish Version)
12. Pai (Father – Portuguese Version)
13. Tat (Father – Romanian Version)
14. Padre (Father – Spanish Version)
15. Baba (Father – Turkish Version)

Manowar´s influence in the Rock Music industry is undeniable. During their impressive career they have left their mark in the Heavy Metal genre, thanks to a combination of unique craftsmanship and characteristic songwriting. With unrivaled conviction, persistence and the courage to unflinchingly pursue their own way, the band has weathered even the most unconquerable challenges. This band gives their fans what they love them for: the massive, powerful soundtrack of their lives, songs that celebrate the audacity of the individual, and the spirit of the community.

The band, known as leaders and innovators, have recently started another groundbreaking project: The Asgard Saga is a multimedia adventure by MANOWAR and German bestselling fantasy author, Wolfgang Hohlbein. The Asgard Saga centers around Thor, the God of Thunder and tells the Norse mythology in a compelling new way. Thunder In The Sky is the first musical chapter of this outstanding multimedia epic. Each song of the EP musically interprets a poignant moment of this action driven saga.

The 2 Disc EP contains brand new tracks such as Let The Gods Decide, God Or Man, the title track Thunder In The Sky and the power ballad Father as well as Die With Honor and a much requested remake of the classic The Crown And The Ring. Disc 2 features 15 international versions of Father including German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese.

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