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Groove Assassin – Roots Rydimz Culture (2015)

Soul, Funk, Disco, Soulful House | Room Control
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2015 | 01:20:42 | 185 Mb

01. Groove Assassin – Funky Rydim
02. Groove Assassin – Want U To Go
03. Groove Assassin – The Beat Man
04. Groove Assassin – Do It
05. Groove Assassin – Hey U, I Said U!
06. Groove Assassin – Search For The Truth
07. Groove Assassin – C’mon Now
08. Groove Assassin – Larry’s Groove
09. Groove Assassin – La Playa (Interlude)
10. Groove Assassin – Latin Showdown
11. Groove Assassin – Luv U Luv Me
12. Groove Assassin – Got 2 Find
13. Groove Assassin – Come On Back
14. Groove Assassin – Let’s Groove On
15. Groove Assassin – 5Am Bounce

This long awaited LP is a sure fire, sizzling assortment of rhythmic heat and finely tuned production aimed specifically at dance floors. Groove Assassin has proven time and time again that he is one of the staples in dance music today. This Lp includes the single “Latin Showdown”, that is already devastated the charts, “Got 2 Find” and “C’Mon Now” with a bevy of new tracks that will assassinate your eardrums. On the soulful side you get new tracks like “Funky Rydim” that grinds with sweet vocals and enticing flutes, “Want U To Go” with creative sampling and filtering excellence! On the house side you get “Do It” with its jumping basslines, keyboards and catchy hooks, “Larry’s Groove” with its that classic feel and familiarity, and “5am Bounce” that is as smooth and funky with style.


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