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Prefab Sprout – Jordan The Comeback (Reissue) (2013)

Artist: Prefab Sprout
Title Of Album: Jordan The Comeback
Year Of Release: 2013
Label: Columbia Records/Sony
Genre: Pop Rock, Indie, Adult Contemporary
Format: Mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Total Time: 64:11 Min
Total Size: 155 Mb

1. Looking for Atlantis 4:03
2. Wild Horses 3:44
3. Machine Gun Ibiza 3:43
4. We Let The Stars Go 3:39
5. Carnival 2000 3:23
6. Jordan: The Comeback 4:13
7. Jesse James Symphony 2:15
8. Jesse James Bolero 4:10
9. Moon Dog 4:07
10. All The World Loves Lovers 3:50
11. All Boys Believe Anything 1:34
12. The Ice Maiden 3:19
13. Paris Smith 2:55
14. The Wedding March 2:50
15. One Of The Broken 3:55
16. Michael 3:02
17. Mercy 1:23
18. Scarlet Nights 4:17
19. Doo Wop In Harlem 3:43

Jordan: The Comeback is Prefab Sprout’s largely successful attempt to embrace the breadth of popular music; wisely reuniting with producer Thomas Dolby, Paddy McAloon freely indulges his myriad ambitions and obsessions to weave a dense, finely textured tapestry closer in spirit and construction to a lavish Broadway musical than to the conventional rock concept LP. Over the course of no less than 19 tracks, McAloon chases his twin preoccupations of religion and celebrity, creating a loose thematic canvas perfect for his expanding musical palette; quickly dispensing with common pop idioms, the album moves from tracks like the samba-styled «Carnival 2000» to the self-explanatory «Jesse James Symphony» and its companion piece «Jesse James Bolero» with remarkable dexterity. Dolby’s atmospheric production lends an even greater visual dimension to the songs, which — with their tightly constructed narratives and occasional spoken-word passages — seem almost destined to someday reach the stage; indeed, Jordan: The Comeback is like an original cast recording minus the actors, or a rock opera without the silliness and bombast — a truly inspired work.


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