Oliver Englafjord – Myrki Heima (2015)

Techno | Black Hole Recordings
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 10 July, 2015 | 02:27:36 | 341 Mb

01. Torshavn 06:34
02. If Grey Was The Colour Of The Sun 07:52
03. Myrki Heima 05:15
04. Reykur 05:41
05. Solsetur 06:24
06. Vetur Ljusin 07:59
07. The Sad & Troubled Oscillator 05:56
08. Molntus 10:14
09. Svefnlaus 08:54
10. 1922 05:31
11. Douch 07:00
12. Into Dawn 10:02
13. Metaphorsis 04:53
14. Myrki Heima (continuous DJ mix) 55:13

‘Myrki Heima’ by Oliver Englafjord is an album like no other. Its metamorphosed from late-night sonic-sketching, through YouTube beta testing on to an alias-donned/fully-fleshed 13-track body of work… 3 years in process, ‘Myrki Heima’s epic passage to album-hood culminates this July. The by-chance brainchild of Sweden’s Marcus Schossow, ‘Myrki’s embryonic moment occurred in Iceland, a half decade ago. Blinking ‘Oliver Englafjord’ into existence, it was a trip for Schossow that went far beyond the bounds of the merely inspirational.

A citizen of an unidentified Nordic city, Oliver’s life musings visually push through the fourth wall of ‘Myrki Heima’s music. Across a series of 5-minute accompanying film shorts, sound-tracked by the album’s audio, Englafjord half-ponders/half-narrates his life, the universe & everything. The meanings of Oliver words are initially cryptic. Only through the 4 video chapters, framed against the urban, metropolitan and bucolic Nordic locales that accompany ‘Myrki’s release, does his story become clear.


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