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The Beach Boys – Surfin’ USA [Mono & Stereo Hi-Res Remastering] (2015)

Artist: The Beach Boys
Title Of Album: Surfin’ USA
Year Of Release: 2015 [1963]
Label: Capitol Records
Country: United States
Genre: Pop Rock, Surf Rock
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Time: 49:14 min
Full Size: 130 mb

01. Surfin’ U.S.A. (Stereo)
02. Farmer’s Daughter (Stereo)
03. Misirlou (Stereo)
04. Stoked (Stereo)
05. Lonely Sea (Stereo)
06. Shut Down (Stereo)
07. Noble Surfer (Stereo)
08. Honky Tonk (Stereo)
09. Lana (Stereo)
10. Surf Jam (Stereo)
11. Let’s Go Trippin’ (Stereo)
12. Finders Keepers (Stereo)
13. Surfin’ U.S.A. (Mono)
14. Farmer’s Daughter (Mono)
15. Misirlou (Mono)
16. Stoked (Mono)
17. Lonely Sea (Mono)
18. Shut Down (Mono)
19. Noble Surfer (Mono)
20. Honky Tonk (Mono)
21. Lana (Mono)
22. Surf Jam (Mono)
23. Let’s Go Trippin’ (Mono)
24. Finders Keepers (Mono)

Brian Wilson – lead, harmony and backing vocals; bass guitar; keyboard, celeste; glockenspiel
Mike Love – lead, harmony and backing vocals; saxophone
David Marks – rhythm guitar
Carl Wilson – harmony and backing vocals; lead guitar
Dennis Wilson – harmony and backing vocals; drums

Newly remastered for vinyl and in hi-res by Kevin Gray from the original master tapes, Surfin’ USA is presented here in both mono and stereo.

The stereo editions of Surfin’ USA were originally mixed in stereo by their own preferred engineer, Chuck Britz, ostensibly under the group’s supervision.

“Brian may or may not have been present for those mixing sessions — evidence suggests that he trusted Chuck’s skills enough to let him prepare those mixes on his own — but the group held onto their multitrack tapes and delivered stereo masters to Capitol, rather than allowing Capitol to prepare their own stereo versions. Later, when Brian was only delivering mono masters, Capitol would prepare the Duophonic pseudo stereo editions for the stereo market,” says Alan Boyd, producer and Beach Boys’ archivist.


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