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Debauchery – F*ck Humanity (2015)

Germany | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 118 MB
Death Metal, Hard Rock | Massacre Records

1. My Religion Is Hate
2. Ironclad Declaration of War
3. Kneel Before the Dragon Gods
4. Gorezilla
5. German Warmachine
6. Murderbrute Minotaurs
7. Fuck Humanity
8. For the Emperor
9. King of the Killing Zone
10. The Horror of the Forest
11. Zombie Extermination Crusader
12. To Hell
Total playing time 51:44

Welcome to the World of Blood Gods. DEBAUCHERY has always been something unique. Some people missed the point. They can fuck off. For all other Metal Heads there`s the new album FUCK HUMANITY. Death Metal in your face. As always recorded by Dennis Ward (Krokus, Unisonic), with a cover-artwork by Fantasy legend Adrian Smith. 10 songs full of violence and bloodshed, in addition one ballad and one intro track.


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