V.A. NOW That’s What I Call Music, Vol. 55 (2015) [AAC]
  V.A. Vintage Reggae Cafe The Definitive Collection (2015) [MP3]
  V.A. Reggae Spirit (2015) [MP3]
  Santiago Salazar – Chicanismo (2015) [MP3]
  V.A. Top 40 Dnacefloor Exposure Showtime (2015) [MP3]
  V.A. Tropical House Feelings (2015) [MP3]
  V.A. Cheiro Do Brazil Greatest Bossa Nova Moods of All Times (2015) [MP3]
  Boytronic – The Working Model (Deluxe Edition) (2015) [MP3]
  V.A. Jazz Streets Smooth Jazzy Pleasures (2015) [MP3]
  V.A. Chillout Therapy Vol 1 (2015) [MP3]

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