Full Version: Eagles - The Eagles - Unplugged (Live) (2019).VS.MP3
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Eagles - The Eagles - Unplugged (Live) (2019).VS.MP3
Mp3 CBR 320 kbps / 24 tracks | Classic Rock | 02:10:46 | 1CD | 307 Mb

01. Peaceful Easy Feeling (Live)
02. Best Of My Love (Live)
03. Tequila Sunrise (Live)
04. Help Me Thru The Night (Live)
05. The Heart Of The Matter (Live)
06. Love Will Keep Us Alive (Live)
07. Learn To Be Still (Live)
08. Hotel California (Live)
09. Wasted Time (Live)
10. Wasted Time (Reprise) (Live)
11. Lover's Moon (Live)
12. Pretty Maids All In A Row (Live)
13. I Can't Tell You Why (Live)
14. The Girl From Yesterday (Live)
15. New York Minute (Live)
16. The Last Resort (Live)
17. Band Intros (Live)
18. Take It Easy (Live)
19. One Of These Nights (Live)
20. In The City (Live)
21. Heartache Tonight (Live)
22. Life In The Fast Lane (Live)
23. Get Over It (Live)
24. Desperado (Live)

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