Full Version: Reverend And The Makers – Best Of (2019).VS.MP3
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Reverend And The Makers – Best Of (2019).VS.MP3
Mp3 CBR 320 kbps | Indie Rock | 01:25:23 | 198 Mb

Disc One ‘Uppers’:

1. Silence Is Talking
2. Heavyweight Champion Of The World
3. Bandits
4. MDMAzing (Featuring Howard Marks)
5. Shine The Light
6. Bassline
7. Black Widow
8. Makin’ Babies
9. Out Of the Shadows
10.Mr Glassalfempty
11. Hidden Persuaders
12. Open Your Window
13.Elastic Fantastic (Featuring Rich Westley)

Disc Two ‘Downers’:

14. Hard Times For Dreamers
15. Long Long Time
16. The Beach And The Sea
17. No Soap (In a Dirty War)
18. Monkey See, Monkey Do
19. Sex With The Ex
20. Yes You Do
21. Something To Remember
22. Last To Know
23. Auld Reekie Blues
24. What Goes Around (Acoustic Version)
25. Black Flowers (Radio Edit)
26. Boomerang
27. Te Quiero Pero

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