Lemon (Heather Christian) (2018).VS.AAC
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Lemon (Heather Christian) (2018).VS.AAC

Artist: Heather Christian
Title: Lemon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Year Of Release: 2018
Label: Node Records
Genre: Soundtrack
Quality: AAC 256 Kbps
Total Time: 39:24 min
Total Size: 79 MB

1. Seagull Oratorio: Open (feat. David Abeles, Patrick Breiner, Matt Marks, Brett Gelman & Judy Greer) – Heather Christian & Janicza Bravo
2. Seagull Oratorio: Breakfast
3. Who Killed Cock Robin (Renn Faire Remix)
4. Seagull Oratorio: Bird in the Forest (feat. David Abeles, Patrick Breiner & Michael Cera) – Heather Christian & Anton Chekov
5. Seagull Oratorio: Organ Interlude
6. Seagull Oratorio: Trigorin (feat. David Abeles) – Heather Christian & Anton Chekov
7. Seagull Oratorio: Nina Spraypaint – Heather Christian & Anton Chekov
8. Seagull Oratorio: Epiphanies (Hot Pink)
9. Seagull Oratorio: Nina’s Aria
10. Nina’s Monologue (feat. Gillian Jacobs) (Heather Christian & Anton Chekov
11. Garden Full of Weeds (feat. Sasha Brown & Brian Bender) – Heather Christian & Percy B. Green)
12. Minuet in G (What a Pleasant Dinner) [feat. Patrick Breiner & Matt Marks] – Heather Christian & J.S. Bach
13. A Million Matzoh Balls (feat. the “Lemon” Ensemble) – Heather Christian & Dean Friedman
14. Seagull Oratorio: Epiphanies (Lime Green) [feat. Patrick Breiner & Matt Marks]
15. Seagull Oratorio: Parlor Adagio (feat. Patrick Breiner)
16. Seagull Oratorio: Arkadina (feat. David Abeles & Matt Marks)
17. Bad Schumann – Heather Christian & Robert Schumann
18. Who Killed Cock Robin (Pop Radio Edit) [feat. Brian Bender]
19. Seagull Oratorio: Finale (feat. David Abeles, Matt Marks & Patrick Breiner)
20. I’m Suffocating (feat. Judy Greer & Brett Gelman) – Heather Christian & Janicza Bravo
21. Epilogue (Lemon in the Garden of Love) – Heather Christian, R. Carle & M.E. Rourke

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