Jazz, Vocal Jazz | Label: Universal
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 16 Tracks | 60:07 | 140 MB

01. Dear Heinrich (4:05)
02. The Better Ones (3:57)
03. Everything Has Already Happened To Me (3:38)
04. All Those Tears I Drank (3:30)
05. Even If My Song Is Simple (3:51)
06. One Who For The First Time Loves (3:40)
07. The Stowaway (3:07)
08. Diamonds & Pearls (3:38)
09. You Don’t Have To Understand Existence (4:51)
10. Only The Girls (4:22)
11. Seven Pages Of Loneliness (3:21)
12. Earnest Hour (3:58)
13. Am I A Falcon, A Storm Or A Great Song (3:38)
14. Between Day & Dream (4:00)
15. Where Begins The Night (4:14)
16. Dear Rainer Maria, (2:12)


Lia Pale – voice & flute
Ingrid Oberkanins – percussions
Hans Strasser – bass
mathias rüegg – piano, melodica & Hammond
Mario Rom – trumpet, flugelhorn

After Lia Pale’s debut album Gone Too Far (Universal) came out, there was a lot of encouraging feedback and general agreement in the international music field that she had not «gone too far» with this adaptation of Schubert’s Winterreise. The question was then, where should she go to continue her journey? After thinking it over carefully, she decided to venture on from where she had left off in her first excursion, namely, far away from familiar turf .

In her self-imposed exile, Lia Pale has an encounter with two young men who evolve over the course of their relationship into accomplished poets. She soon falls in love with both of them and goes on to experience all the highs and lows in a trio serenade. Adding to the difficulty, the two young men would go on to become the famous poets Heinrich Heine and Rainer Maria Rilke.
Seven verses from each of the two poets were set to music by mathias rüegg, former mastermind of theVienna Art Orchestra. In the two pieces by Lia Pale, texts are juxtaposed in which she talks about her relationships with the two poets for the first time.

Lia is accompanied by her mentor mathias ruegg on piano, plus a trio featuring two former Vienna Art Orchestra musicians, Ingrid Oberkanins and Hans Strasser, and 24-year-old Mario Rom, a shooting star of the European trumpet scene. For the my poet’s love cd, three crack shot musicians from the trumpet section of the former Vienna Art Orchestra, Thomas Gansch, Juraj Bartos and Matthieu Michel, were enlisted, along with newcomers, Richard Köster, Dominik Fuss and Mario Rom.

Origen: Lia Pale – My Poet’s Love (2015)

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