Jon Berman – Songs to Go With Your Morning Coffee (2015)

Pop, Easy Listening, Saxophon, Avant-Garde Jazz, Jazz, Folk | Jon Berman
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2014 | 00:45:34 | 115 Mb

01. Jon Berman – We All Move On (03:07)
02. Jon Berman – Raining Outside (05:40)
03. Jon Berman – Snow in the Woods (07:58)
04. Jon Berman – Not Alone (04:06)
05. Jon Berman – Strong This Time (03:54)
06. Jon Berman – Mistakes (04:04)
07. Jon Berman – Resign (05:01)
08. Jon Berman – A Little Olde Fashioned (03:58)
09. Jon Berman – What’s Your Point (03:18)
10. Jon Berman – NYC in December (04:23)

You win some you learn in others. If you’ve been following my career for the last five years, you’ve probably noticed a huge drop in performances since November. I have yet to play my own show in 2014. I decided in November not to book anything until I knew what the hell I was doing. I also have performance commitments with my band, a day job (yes, I have a “real job” again for the first time in forever – I love it and it works well so far with my schedule… Plus I work with a great team…), and hockey practice for my son that really make it easy to not want to be booked every Wednesday through Saturday.

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