Tchaikovsky – Eugene Onegin – Georg Solti [2CD] (1975)

Opera / CD Released in 1987 / LP´S Released in 1975
EAC Rip | FLAC-TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Stereo ADD | 2 CD | Scans | 143 Min. | 611 MB
Label / DECCA / Catalogue 417413 2

Tchaikovsky – Eugene Onegin
Bernd Weikl – Teresa Kubiak – Stuart Burrows
Julia Hamari – Nicolai Ghiaurov

CD 1

Introduction, Scene 1

Duet and Quartet. «Slikhali l vi za roschei glas nochnoi»

Peasants’ Chorus and Dance. «Bolyat moyi skori nozhenki so pokhodushki» – «Uzh kak po mostu, mostochku»

Uzh kak po mostu, mostochku (Peasants)

Scene and Aria. «Kak ya lyublyu pod zvuki pesen etikh» – «Uzh kak po mostu, mostochku»

Uzh kak po mostu, mostochku (Olga)

Scene. «Nu ti, moya vostrushka»

Scene and Quartet. «Mesdames! Ya na sebya vzyal smyelost»

«Skazhi, kotoraya Tatyana»

Scene and Arioso. «Kak shchastliv, kak shchastliv ya!» – «Ya lyublyu vas»

«Ya lyublyu vas»

Closing scene. «A, vot i vi!»

(Scene 2) Introduction and Scene. «Nu, zaboltalas ya!»

Letter scene. «Puskai pogilabnu ya, no pryezhde»

Scene and Duet. «Akh, noch minula»

(Scene 3) Servant Girls’ Chorus. «Dyevitsi, krasavitsi»

Scene and Aria. «Zdyes on, zdyes on, Yevgeni!»

«Kogda bi zhizn domashnim krugom»

CD 2


Waltz with Chorus. «Vot tak syurpriz!»

Scene and Couplets. «Uzhel ya zasluzhil ot nasmyeshku etu?»

«A cette fête conviés»

Mazurka and Scene. «Messieurs, mesdames, mesta zanyat izvolte» – «Ti ne tantsuyesh, Lenski?»

Ti ne tantsuyesh, Lenski?

Finale. «V vashem dome! V vashem dome!»

(Scene 2) Introduction, Scene and Aria. «Nu, shto zhe?»

«Kuda, kuda, kuda vi udalilis»

Duel Scene. «A, vot oni!»

(Scene 1) Polonaise

Scene and Aria. «I zdyes mnye skuchno!»

«Knyaginya Gremina! Smotrite!»

«Lyubvi vsye vozrasti pokorni»

Scene and Arioso. «Itak, poidyom, tebya predstavlyu ya» – «Uzhel ta samaya Tatyana»

Uzhel ta samaya Tatyana

(Scene 2) Closing Scene. «O! Kak mnye tyazhelo!»

«Onegin! Ya togda molozhe»

Tchaikovsky wrote … » is that there will be few scenic effects , little action , in my Eugene Onegin , I get completely the same … am so happy to have escaped these routine pharaohs, all those Ethiopian princesses all these stories of poisonings ; Eugene Onegin has an infinite poetry » … Tchaikovsky wanted to call his opera, Poem , but finally opted for the subtitle of lyrical scenes , three scenes or three acts that take place following the same pattern , party and so sad party.This recording derives from a production at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in 1974 conducted by Solti.The team of singers here is entirely strong and convincing . As Onegin, Bernd Weikl skillfully suggests a range of feeling: scorn, vindictiveness, regret and desolation. Teresa Kubiak is an endearing Tatyana, especially strong in the last scene. Stuart Burrows is unexcelled as Lenski. Almost stealing the show, is the Gremin of Nicolai Ghiaurov, whose solitary appearance in Act 3 is well worth the wait.Solti has left us many opera sets of great merit, and this is one of them. As was usual in opera sets for this label which he directed, great care is taken with balance, off stage effects, and clarity.

Eugene Onegin , after Alexander Pushkin, Lyrical Scenes in three acts by P. I. Tchaikovsky .
Sung in Russian .
Recorded at The Kingsway Hall , London , june and july 1974 .
Recording engineers , Kenneth Wilkinson and James Lock .

Cast :

Eugene Onegin : Bernd Weikl , bariton
Tatyana : Teresa Kubiak , soprano
Vladimir Lensky : Stuart Burrows , tenor
Olga : Julia Hamari , soprano
Prince Gramin : Nicolai Ghiaurov , bass
Monsieur Triquet : Michel Senechal

Orchestra of The Royal Opera House , Covent Garden
Sir Georg Solti

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