V.A. Relax Best of Chillout Lounge Ambiente (2015)
Downtempo, Chillout, Lounge | Fairground
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2015 | 03:28:31 | 482,14 Mb

01. Oscar Salguero – The Moon Is Watching Us
02. Ibiza Chill Out – Parapa Pa
03. M. Vitoria – On the Beach
04. Relaxea – Sunshine Delight
05. M. Vitoria – What’s About Peace
06. Minka – Little Cat
07. M. Vitoria – Shakra Naom
08. Vanity in Mind – Go Get Alice – The Walz Remix
09. Noel Gitman – Foo Doora – Baraka Remix
10. George Harrold – What Lies Ahead
11. Oscar Salguero – Sponge Lounge
12. Hollow Earth – London Ascension
13. Oscar Salguero – Inca Adventure
14. M. Vitoria – Chill in Out
15. Javah – Hallowed Ground – Ambient Mix
16. Oscar Salguero – Achtung Baby
17. Oscar Salguero – Chillout Night
18. M. Vitoria – Snake Dance
19. Oscar Salguero – Supaloopa
20. M. Vitoria – Spain
21. Oscar Salguero – Let Me Be Close to You
22. M. Vitoria – How Long Can I Wait
23. Oscar Salguero – Didgeridoo Dance
24. M. Vitoria – Do Me Favor
25. Loungeaholic – Heaven Is a Place On Earth
26. Oscar Salguero – With You
27. Michael Vitoria – Shakra Naom – Radio Mix
28. Oscar Salguero – One Direction
29. M. Vitoria – Dream
30. Oscar Salguero – Cool World
31. M. Vitoria – Love Devotion Surrender
32. Gabriel Florea – Garden of Balance
33. M. Vitoria – Setareh
34. M. Vitoria – Call It Love
35. Oscar Salguero – Duff Pang
36. Paco Flores – Andalucia
37. Alexander Zhakulin – Antigravity – Lounge Remix
38. Rene Ablaze – Blue Seas – Chillout Mix
39. TrancEye – In the Shadows – Chillout Mix
40. Stunner – Blue – Chillout Mix

Noise In Your Eye is a disco sample track that has been doing damage for a couple of years and is timeless dance music that works on the biggest of floors and the smallest of sweaty basements. A throbbing bass, crisp beats, perfect dynamics and killer sample are all you need and are present and correct here. Wait for the breakdown and make sure you’re wearing your hard hat when it kicks back in. The Moodymann has been hammered from Shanghai to Glastonbury and Sydney to Fabric so if you missed it first time round here’s your chance to get in on the action. Built around an NRG arp and popping electro bass it’s got all the elements of the 2BB sound and once again it’s all about the breakdown that takes things beyond the edge of tension before the release. Finally, Pete Herbert steps up and puts his stamp on to The Moodymann. Everything’s still there but they have been shaken up, pulled, pushed and tweeked for an extra bit of grunt. Now look us in the eye and tell us that Pete doesn’t always nail it!


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