Barrule – Manannan’s Cloak (2015)

Artist: Barrule
Title Of Album: Manannan’s Cloak
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Easy On The Record
Genre: Celtic, Folk
Quality: MP3 320 KBPS
Total Time: 42:32 min
Total Size: 101 MB

1. The Wheel of Fire (6:02)
2. The King of the Sea (Ree NY Marrey) [feat. Paul McKenna] (3:38)
3. Kinnoull (feat. Calum Stewart) (5:28)
4. Yn Ven-Ainshter Dewil (The Cruel Mistress) [feat. Calum Stewart & Gregory Joughin] (3:53)
5. Illiam Y Thalhear (William Taylor) [feat. Dylan Fowler] (1:58)
6. Fir-Hammag Yioogh (High Net Worth Individuals) [feat. Gregory Joughin] (4:29)
7. Graih Foalsey (False Love) (4:19)
8. To Dingle with Love (3:55)
9. Illiam Boght (Poor William) (3:22)
10. The Laxey Reels (feat. Calum Stewart) (5:28)

Mannanan’s Cloak: The follow-up to Barrule’s award-winning, self-titled debut album captures the Manx trio’s live-wire musicianship like never before. With the quicksilver dexterity usually only found at the pointy end of Irish music, Barrule give you the bewitching Gaelic music of the Isle of Man – seldom heard off the island – performed with an emotional charge born of a deep passion for the traditions of their home.

Recorded in one of the island’s oldest chapels, with producer Andy Seward at the helm, Manannan’s Cloak takes the trio’s emphatic sound to the next level, with guest performances from a Celtic support cast that includes Paul McKenna on vocals, Calum Stewart on uilleann pipes, Dylan Fowler on lap steel and Tad Sargent on bodhrán. The album also features respected Manx artists David Kilgallon (piano) and Gregory Joughin (vocals).

Steeped in the history and mythology of its Celtic and Viking ancestry, the Isle of Man sits quietly in the Irish Sea. Continuously self-governed since its parliament was created by Viking invaders over a thousand years ago, few people outside the Isle of Man know of this singular culture: a language and music so nearly lost, borne through recent generations on the tongues of a mere handful of families, it now grows strong again.

On the South of the island lies a summit scarred by the ruins of a once imposing iron-age hill fort. The old stories claim that atop this peak, named ‘South Barrule’, the Celtic God Manannan Mac Lir dwells, casting out his cloak of mist to shelter the island and its people from invasion. This inspirational landscape embodies the powerful and striking music of Barrule. Just as Manannan protects the island, so does Barrule safeguard its culture.

A fusion of three distinct musical forces – Mabon front-man and accordion wizard Jamie Smith, gifted young fiddle-player Tomas Callister and versatile accompanist Adam Rhodes (also of Mabon) on bouzouki – Barrule’s fresh approach to traditional Manx music evokes an atmosphere that reflects the diverse natural beauty of the island: from rousing marches, jigs and reels to sorrowful slow airs and stirring songs sung in both English and the Manx Gaelic language. Stories are told of ancient Celtic Gods, of unrequited love, of the toils of island life. And always the sea is close by.

Formed in 2012, Barrule’s three legs have hit the ground running with major festival appearances including Celtic Connections, WOMAD Charlton Park, Sidmouth, Festival Interceltique de Lorient, Orkney Folk Festival, La Grand Recontre in Montreal and the National Celtic Festival in Melbourne. Their debut self-titled album won many plaudits and has been awarded ‘Best Debut’ in the Spiral Earth awards 2014.

«An exciting sound – real zest and quality» The Telegraph «Players of conviction and passion» The Scotsman

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